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About DEH Construction Inc.

DEH Construction Inc has been in the building business since 2006. As a family-owned pole building contractor, we employ experienced company crews to facilitate quality engineered commercial, agricultural, equine, and residential structures. Located centrally near the Mason-Dixon line in Gettysburg, PA, we serve the surrounding Pennsylvania and Maryland regions such as Frederick, Westminster and beyond. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

The demand for quality pole buildings is growing, and we are pleased to be the complete design and build service solution for superior pole structures. We specialize in simple pole barns to larger commercial facilities. Contact us for more information, or a free estimate!

DEH Construction is different from other pole building contractors in that we are more than just a prefabricated supplier of pole building materials. We offer the complete package: design, permits, engineering, and building. We even provide excavation and grading, garage doors, concrete floors, and seamless gutters. Furthermore, we accommodate building needs such as heating, cooling and electrical.

We pride ourselves on keeping your price low by controlling our overhead costs. We do not inflate our prices to cover the cost of high-end showrooms and over-the-top advertising. Instead, we have fostered strong relationships with our vendors, enabling us to receive great pricing and deliver the best turnkey building solution.

We also can provide any material for the post frame building and more. From framing material, steel siding and trims. Doors, windows, garage doors, sliding doors, Dutch doors, bale doors. Everything pre-finished maintenance free. Plus, all hardware! ANYTHING YOU NEED, WE CAN PROVIDE!!

Our commitment to the environment has resulted in providing environmentally-conscious solutions for all of our customers:

  • We manufacture our materials to exact specifications, thereby reducing excess waste for the environment.
  • We work with various recycling facilities in the area to reuse raw materials as often as we can.
  • We encourage the use of high-efficiency appliances, and focus on reducing energy costs throughout each structure we build. By installing efficient lighting, proper insulation, and efficient appliances, we provide the most affordable buildings with low maintenance costs.

Visit our Services for more information on the quality buildings we offer, and be sure to check out our Gallery of photos, inclusive of before and after photos. It's a great place to see the variety of buildings we construct, and the type of renovation work we can offer to aging/existing structures. We are pleased to provide free estimates, and encourage you to contact us for more information.

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